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A Textbook

Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications.
N. Ferguson, B. Schneier, and T. Kohno.
John Wiley & Sons, 2010.
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[ Translations completed or in progress: Chinese, Italian, and Korean ]

Educational Companion Material

Background and Context for the Our Reality Novella.
T. Kohno.
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A Novella

Our Reality: A Novella.
T. Kohno.
[ I wrote Our Reality (set in 2034) with the goal of contributing to thought and conversations about society, racism, and technology ]
[ This story builds on UW Security Lab research exploring the future of augmented reality technologies, as well as other Lab research (see the companion document) ]
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An Anthology of Short Stories

Telling Stories: On Culturally Responsive Artificial Intelligence.
R. Calo, B. Friedman, T. Kohno, H. Almeter, and N. Logler, editors.
University of Washington Tech Policy Lab, 2020.
[ Intended for policymakers, technologists, educators, and others, this collection of short stories explores the relationship between AI, culture, and society. ]

A Card Game

Control-Alt-Hack(TM): White Hat Hacking for Fun and Profit.
T. Denning, T. Kohno, and A. Shostack.
Fall 2012.
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[ This is a computer security-themed card game for 3-6 players, designed to be both fun and informative. We licensed the mechanics from Steve Jackson Games. ]
[ Black Hat slides ]

A Security Brainstorming and Educational Toolkit

The Security Cards: A Security Threat Brainstorming Toolkit.
T. Denning, B. Friedman, and T. Kohno.
Summer 2013.
[ Printed Copies ] [ PDF with Crop Lines ] [ PDF without Crop Lines ]
[ This is a set of 42 cards designed to assist in computer security-related brainstorming and education. ]

Some Notebooks

Research Ideas Notebook.
T. Kohno; Design by C. Mondoy-Lin.
July 2020.
[ I originally created this notebook to help me keep track of project-level research ideas. Catherine did the professional design. We are making it available for others, in case others find it useful too. ]
[ Example Pages ]
Research Ideas Notebook.
T. Kohno; Design by C. Mondoy-Lin.
July 2020.
[ This is a hardcover version of the above notebook, with a different design. ]
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Short Fiction

The David and the Fig Leaf.
T. Kohno.
HyphenPunk, September 2022.
[ Misinformation in the metaverse ] [ Simulation Hypothesis (philosophy) ] [ Experience Machine (philosophy) ]
[ "Sofia blinks twice on [Aiden’s] avatar and sees the 'Certified accurate representation' indicator. Strange. ... His hair could not have grown that much in just a few weeks." ]
[ Twitter thread about this story and the background research ]
The Schuhmacher.
T. Kohno.
IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, September-October 2022.
[ "Still, he trusted his magical connection with his shoes. So, he kindled a fire and set to work. ... Now, if a customer handled a pair of shoes but did not buy them, the shoes would follow them — day and night — until they chose to buy them or five days passed."]
[ A medieval shopkeeper uses magic to create targeted, persistent ads. ]
Mx. President Has a Brain.
T. Kohno.
IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, May-June 2022.
[ A short story featuring brain-machine interfaces, targeted advertising, customer loyalty programs, parent-child monitoring systems, software updates, computer security, and more ]
The Glowing Bonsai And The Kintsugi Pot.
T. Kohno.
After Dinner Conversation, March 2022.
[ Infrared-activated bioluminescent plants manipulate computer vision algorithms in autonomous vehicles ]
[ Twitter thread about this story and the background research ]
[ Also appearing in the After Dinner Conversation - Season Six anthology ]
Hope: A Perspective from the Forest.
T. Kohno.
Haven Speculative, March 2022.
[ A pack of wolves struggle with climate change ]
T. Kohno.
Little Blue Marble, May 2021.
[ A NASA scientist hears the Earth think ]
[ Also appearing in the Little Blue Marble 2021: Tipping Points anthology. ]
Lost Knowledge? Forbidden Knowledge?
T. Kohno.
Telling Stories: On Culturally Responsive Artificial Intelligence, 2020.
[ An entrepreneur seeks to capture ancient knowledge with an AI ]

Other Creative Writing

The Buffet Overflow Café.
T. Kohno, C. Cobb, A. Lerner, M. Lin, and A. Shostack.
IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, July-August 2022.
[ The Buffet Overflow Café is a restaurant for dining cryptographers and cybersecurity professionals ]
Excerpts From the New Dictionary of Cybersecurity, 2036.
T. Kohno.
IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, May-June 2022.
[ Computer security and privacy definitions from the year 2036 ]